About us

"Landavas laivas" is a brand new journey for our family. Since we were kids, every summer we went for boating trips. There we made a lot of great memories, had some amazing adventures. Latvia is beautiful, scenic, and full of surprises.  This year we finally decided, that we want to not only go on rowing trips ourselves (we have a lot on mind) but also give this opportunity - explore - to others.

We are renting out 6 canoes. Each of them is equipped with 2-3 lifejackets and a dry bag (and paddles, of course). 
We are based right were river Ogre flows into river Daugava, 40 km from Riga, and 25 km from Ogre. 

We can deliver canoes to almost any river in Latvia, depending on your wishes and our options. Or, You can plan family/friends adventure, rent all equipment necessary, and go into the wild. You just have to make a reservation, show up, sign the lease and safety instructions and you are good to go! 

We are offering 

  • one or several day boating trips.  You will be supplied with basic equipment, transportation, information, boat delivery, and pick up. 
  • we invite you to stay at our "star hotel" tent site next to the Daugava river. The tent site costs 40,- €. (includes firewood, shed with table, WC, place for up to 5 tents, grill if necessary). We know how annoying can be to listen to neighbors' songs instead of birds, that is why only one group (or family) at the time can rent a tent site. It has to be pre-booked,  you can always ask about availability. 

 We are open for reservations 

Everything is possible!

Don't be a stranger, contact us : 

call us : +37125947703 Anete ;
              +37129141563 Reinis;

email us: landavaslaivas@gmail.com

Find us on social media FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM and contact us there