Soon enough we will update prices on the website. While it is not done - price is by agreement starting from 25, - € per day, per boat 

Prices depend on:

  • how far it is- delivery distance  (we need to organize delivering and picking up boats); 
  • how long is the boat ride;
  • how many boats (1 to 8) ;

We will be more than happy if you contact us with any of your ideas or plans. While our pricelist is not complete, we will send you pricing individually on request. 

MĒMELE river

This river is perfect for a family vacation. The stream is quite swift and it carries the boat, so you just have to steer. Its shores are wild and beautiful. If you are quiet enough On hot summer days You can see a doe drinking water from the river right next to you. If you like to fish, you will be able to find some really good spots there. The river and its shores are full of life, clean and very picturesque. There are no too many camping places between Skaistkalne and Bauska, so it is a good idea to prearrange your stay before your trip. 

DAUGAVA river 

When you are tired of the city's heat and stress, you can pack your tent and all the other essentials necessary and come to our campsite. There you can watch the river flow by, fish, grill, and rent a canoe for fishing or just for enjoying the sunset in the middle of the river. It is very romantic and scenic. 

Also, you can take a few hours trip to Nāves sala (Death island) more information is available here

 RouteOne canoe
+1 one more canoe 
Rental of the canoe at the campsite 25,-€ +15,-€
Sunrise or sunset on the river Daugava (1-4 h)  20,-€ +15,-€
Landavas - Nāves sala (10 km) 25,-€ +15,-€

*Included in the price - VAT, canoe, paddle, lifejacket.

OGRE river 

Ogre river is the third-longest river in Latvia. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for boating when the water level is low, because there are many rocks in the river.  But it is scenic and quite adventurous, because of its rapid stream. Ogre river is not that popular amongst water tourists, and it works as a benefit to it - water is a lot cleaner and nature there is more intact. We really recommend (as long as the water levels are good) You can check water levels here: Chose the red point on any river and then chose 30-day water level (30 dienu ūdens līmenis). 0,18-0.20 m is the minimum water level. 

Currently, We are offering 1 to 2-day routes (

 GLĀZŠĶŪNIS - OGRES HES (23 KM - 1 DAY)                      70,- €
 GLĀZŠĶŪNIS - LANDAVAS (30 KM - 1 DAY)                      60,- €
 LĒDMANE - OGRES HES (39 KM - 2 DAYS)                      90,- €
 LĒDMANE - LANDAVAS (46 KM - 2 DAYS)                      80,- €

*Price includes - VAT, 2 boats, paddles, 4 life jackets, waterproof bag, and boat transportation